IC Markets Trading Tools: Review

IC Markets is a well-known financial company, which has been offering brokerage services to beginners and professional traders since 2007. In this review, we will pay attention to the tools that are available for traders.


The emergence of cryptocurrencies and the rapid growth of the stock market have led to the fact that many give up trading in the international foreign exchange market. But still FOREX trading is simple, clear, and easy to start with. 

IC Brokers offers 61 currency pairs and up to 1:500 leverage. In simple words, you can trade $20,000, having only $40. The broker provides the liquidity needed to execute all orders. 

You can trade in the FOREX market around the clock except on weekends. The advantages of IC Brokers are not only high liquidity and a wide range of currency pairs, but also the minimum spread.


Clients of IC Brokers have the opportunity to trade cocoa futures, soybean futures, corn futures, metals, and other commodities. This is especially relevant nowadays when uncertainty reigns in the paper asset markets. 

For example, you can trade gold, silver, platinum and palladium at spot prices. As with FOREX, the broker provides leverage up to 1:500.


Trading commodity assets can be more profitable than working on the FOREX market. The fact is that commodities have always attracted and continue to attract major investors like Warren Buffet. Therefore, you can find a large number of quality analytical reviews on YouTube and other platforms.


There are 23 indices available for IC Broker clients. Among them are the following:

  • S&P500 — the most popular index in the world, which includes shares of the 500 most famous and popular stocks of American companies. Given this, it shows high volatility, due to which traders can earn both in short-term and long-term trading.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average — the price-weighted stock index that includes 30 of the best-known industrial companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges.
  • S&P200 is an Australian index that includes the 200 most popular Australian companies by market capitalization. 

Trading indices entails less risk while retaining the possibility of obtaining a higher income. Not only traders, but investors are paying more and more attention to indices than to individual assets. In addition to stock indices, at IC Markets each trader can trade futures indices, VIX Index, and ICE Dollar Index.


It is hard to imagine a trader who is not interested in cryptocurrencies. IC Markets goes out of its way to offer trading in the most volatile and decentralized assets known today.

Bitcoin CFD, Ethereum CFD, Dash CFD, Litecoin CFD — these and many other instruments demonstrate the highest volatility, which is exactly what you need for successful and profitable trading.

These days, cryptocurrency trading is something that has helped young guys from all different countries and continents become successful and wealthy online entrepreneurs.


With IC Markets you can trade more than 1,800 stocks that are listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and ASX. You can choose one company, such as Apple, and work exclusively with it. Also, you can also trade different stocks or indices.

Unlike many other brokers, IC Markets offers trading not only in American stocks but also in Australian ones.


IC Markets is not just a FOREX broker, but a financial company that offers its clients a wide range of instruments.

Thus, any trader can find an opportunity to work with the assets they are comfortable with. Trading is done on Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. You can also trade in cTrader.

In this way, IC Markets brings together all kinds of traders and helps them achieve their financial dreams and goals!