XP Investimentos Review

XP Investimentos CCTVM SA, registered with CNPJ/ME number 02.332.886/0001-/04, is a financial institution authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil («XP Investimentos»)

XP Investimentos CCTVM SA is a Brazilian company and is a financial institution authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil. It is also a subsidiary of the holding company XP Inc.

XP Investimentos is an integral part of XP Inc. which concentrates several brands in the financial market. Our solid corporate structure allows us to operate in different segments and countries with relevance and efficiency, serving all investor profiles.

Our technology team anticipates market trends to make investing easier and more accessible to everyone.

With Assessoria XP, we help people make decisions related to their investments, always according to their goals and profile.

Financial products and services

Investment Simulator XP

This simulation will not be run by robots. There are hundreds of people on our team who are dedicated every day to providing you with the best investment advice related to your profile. So you can invest safely, easily and quickly with the full support of our experts.


Pros / Cons
  • Lowest FX spreads
  • CVM (Brazil)
  • Emphasis on customer service
  • Non-FX spread costs are high
  • No back-testing or automated trading capabilities

How do I open an account with XP Investimentos?

For individuals, the process of opening an account with XP Investimentos is done online.

Initially, there is no need to send supporting documents. However, depending on the characteristics of each client, additional documents may be requested.

At the end of the registration process you will be informed that your information has been sent for analysis. If any document needs to be sent, we will contact you at your registered email address.

If your details are fully verified electronically, you will be informed within a few hours of access to your XP account by email.

For legal entities, the process must be done through an investment advisor.

How does XP counseling work?

Each XP account is associated with an advisory group or special advisor. There is no cost for this service.

XP MATRIZ offers 4 types of counseling depending on the client’s investment. To find out what your segmentation is, just check it at:

1. Log on to our Web site
2. Access the top option: Service;
3. The last information in the service menu corresponds to your consulting format.

Digital Service — investments up to R$ 50,000.
Gateway to a new relationship with your investments. In the digital service you have access to our complete platform of financial products and you can control your investments through a website or an app with full support for advice through channels:
WhatsApp: text to (11) 4935-2720. Just browse the menu to find an opportunity to talk to an advisor.
Email: invest@xpi.com.br
Chat: through the customer portal by logging into your account and clicking the «?» icon in the lower right corner of the screen, then «chat questions» to talk to an advisor. .
Live consultations:Watch and interact with our live broadcasts from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on your XP client site by clicking on «Knowledge» > «Assessoria Live,» or directly through the XP Investimentos app.

Advice on demand — from R$50,000 to R$300,000 in investments
The best of the XP experience in a flexible and dynamic format. You have the passive support of our advisory team to understand your goals and create an initial investment portfolio. Then, when you need it, you have a direct channel available to answer questions and request information, in addition to XP Service Center support through the following channels:
Phone: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 4003-3710. (capitals and metropolitan areas) or 0800-880-3710 (other localities), option 1 and then option 3 (consultation).
WhatsApp: text to (11) 4935-2720. Just look through the menu to find an opportunity to talk to a counselor.
Email: aod@xpi.com.br

Exclusive consultation — from R$300,000 in investments

XP Investimentos is exempt from liability for damages incurred by its customers due to the failure of services provided by third parties. However, it emphasizes that all communications through the World Wide Web may be interrupted or delayed, which may prevent or impair the sending of orders or receipt of updated information.
XP Investimentos reports that its clients’ funds are held in a registration account used exclusively by the brokerage firm to record each client’s transactions, as provided for in Article 14-A § 6 of the Brazilian Central Bank Ordinance No. October 26, 1989.
Nevertheless, XP Investimentos reports that these registration accounts should not be confused with payment accounts related to art. 6, para. IV, and 12 of Law No. 12865 of October 9, 2013.
In this regard, it is clarified that the funds held in the registration accounts do not have a legal treatment equivalent to the funds held in the payment accounts under the conditions set forth in Art. 12 of Act No. 12865 of 2013.


For those who are wishing to invest, XP Investimentos is a platform that you can trust.

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